Algorithm for Friendship, Affair, and Love

IIT Patna: A Journey Began

Google page ranking algorithm

Crawling a website

Performance measure of a website

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Algorithm for Friendship, Affair and Love

We construct an algorithm of friendship, love and relationship. We were really confused on how our life, relations and emotions work and how we think and take decisions around them. In absence of any flow chart, thinking becomes unstructured and many times we realised that we were taking wrong decisions. So we came with a flow chart which helps us to convert our unstructured emotions into a structured way. We share the flow chart with you in this blog. read more...

IITP: A journey began

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Google page ranking algorithm

Page rank is a numeric value which represents the importance of page present on web. When one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. More votes implies more importance. Importance of the page that is casting the vote determines the importance of the vote. So for a web page to rank high, not only inbound links are important, but also the quality of links is also important. read more...

Crawling a website

We can imagine the World Wide Web as a huge networks. Web pages are connected to each other directly or indirectly. The pages are like nodes and they are connected to different paths. These path are called links. When we search for any information on web, search engine need to ``crawl'' over the web pages to collect the desired information. read more...

Performance Measure of a Website

For a person trained in engineering science, the term performance measure evokes an impression consists of mathematical expressions of objective/cost function. However in web technology it has not been evolved in such a precise way to quantify. Performance carries different meaning to different website owner because objectives of different websites are different. For example for a e-commerce website it means how much transaction is happening throughout the day. read more...

Difference between a theorem, a lemma, and a proposition


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