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    IIT Patna Instrumentation and Control Laboratory (EE 371) Instruction Manuals

    Developed by Dr Shovan Bhaumik

    Sample cover sheet

    Ex 0: General Instructions

    Ex 1: Matlab Simulation Experiments

    Ex 2: Measurement of Strain Using Strain Gage

    Ex 3: Identification of Linear System From Frequency Response Test

    Ex 4: Measurement of Temperature Using Thermocouple

    Ex 5: Measurement of Flow Using Orificemeter and Venturimeter

    Ex 6: Study of a Position Control System

    Ex 7: Experiments with Simulink

    Ex 8: Modelling and Control of a Magnetic Levitation System

    Ex 9: Traffic Light Control Using PLC

    GATE question papers

    Control Systems Assignments

    Assignment 1 Modeling of dynamic systems

    Assignment 3 Root locus of a physical system

    Assignment 4 State space equation and it's solution

    Assignment 5 Design using state space

    Assignment 6 Calculus of variations

    Assignment 7 Optimal Control

    Assignment 8 Compensator design with Root Locus

    Formula LQR

    Formula Linear Tracking Problem

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