Instrumentation and Control Lab


Ex 0: General Instructions

  • The laboratory classes begin in the very first day of class in each semester. However for those who are attaining the classes for the first time, the very first week is scheduled for giving instructions, laboratory sheet etc.
  • The students must come to the laboratory duly prepared with the knowledge of the theories and the methods on the experiment to be performed.
  • The attendance in laboratory classes is must. The grade will be allotted by the concerned teacher based on the knowledge, performance of the experiments, lab reports and examination.
  • Submission of laboratory reports

  • In the cover sheet name of the student, class and title of the experiment must be written in capital letters. Small letters must be used in writing the co workers name and objective of the experiment.
  • The list of the equipment used for the experiments with the range, rating, model no. etc. must be submitted with the final report of the experiment.
  • The experimental results should be produced through tables where necessary. Tables should be drawn neatly with pencil. In case of computed results in table the formula used for computation should be mentioned along with one sample calculation.
  • Graphs should be drawn by pencil whenever asked or necessary for experiment. The circuit diagrams must be drawn neatly using pen/pencil. The graph sheet with appropriate title and number should be attached with the final report.
  • During preparation of report student should mention the precaution taken in the experiment if any, discuss the results including comments on the measurement data and any other related topic.
  • A systematic calculation of the percentage error starting from the working formula should be given wherever necessary.
  • Scheduled time for submission of report is one week. No late submission will be accepted.
  • Before attaining the viva voce examination students are advised to collect all the reports and put them in a file and carry that file with them.
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