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    (i) The most attractive features reside in a compact design, low weight and minimal sound levels. Their inherent low weight makes them ideal for portable designs and space exploration.

    (ii) Nitinol is being used in a variety of applications. They have been used for military, medical, safety, and robotics applications. The military has been using Nitinol couplers in F-14 ghter planes since the late 1960s.

    (iii) shape memory alloy couplings are available that seal metal to metal with large radial clamping forces. Supplied in cold couplings are simply placed over the pipe to be connected and they shrink as they warm up. These couplers join hydraulic lines tightly and easily.

    (iv) In medical industry stent is a device used to treat coronary disease.It would be inserted in the deformed shape and would expand upon reaching body temperature to open arteries and increase blood flow.

    (v) Vena-Cava Filters is a device used to trap blood clots. Inserted as a small cylinder, it reverts to an umbrella shaped filter to trap small blood clots and prevent them from travelling to parts of the body where they may have a detrimental effect.

    (vi) Broken bones can be put back together with shape memory alloys.

    (vii) The anti-scalding valves can be used in water faucets and shower heads. After a certain temperature, the device automatically shuts off the water flow.

    (viii) The main advantage of Nitinol-based re sprinklers is the decrease in response time. Nitinol is being used in robotics actuators and micromanipulator to simulate human muscle motion.

    (ix) Other miscellaneous applications of shape memory alloys include use in household appliances, in clothing ( ex: Wired brassiere) and in structures.

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