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  • Chapter 5. Adverb (Cont'd...)


    5.2 Classification of adverbs (cont'd...)

    viii. Relative adverbs are interrogative adverbs used like relative pronouns with their antecedents and they are used at the beginning of the sub-ordinate clauses.
    I cannot ascertain the reason why he failed.
    They cannot identify the house where he was born.
    This is not the way how you did it.
    Tell me the time when the train will arrive.

    ix. Adverbs of number points out how often an action takes place.
    Once I saw him.
    Twice I rebuked him.
    Thrice I challenged him.
    Thus once, twice, thrice, often, seldom, frequently are adverbs of number.

    x. Adverbs of order point out in what order an action takes place. As for example:
    Firstly I forbid him; secondly I warned him; thirdly I rebuked him; lastly I punished him.
    First, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, finally, next, lastly, etc. are this type of adverbs.

    xi. Adverbs of assertion express affirmation or negation, certainty or uncertainty of a action.
    Are you right? The answer is certainly. This certainly is an adverb of affirmation. Are you right? The answer is certainly not. This certainly expresses negation. This may be called as an adverb of negation.

    Sometimes the antecedent of a relative adverb remains understood. Then it is used like a conjunction and accordingly it may be called a conjunctive adverb. For example:
    I don not know (the reason) why he has not come. Here the reason is understood. So this relative adverb ‘why’ may be called conjunctive adverb.

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