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  • Chapter 11. Clause (Cont'd...)


    11.2.3 Adverbial clause (cont'd..)

    9. The adverbial clauses of manner are generally introduced by as/ as far as/ as much as etc.

    (a) As far as I know, it is true.
    (b) He is the best boy in the class, as far as I know.
    (c) He should be given as much as he could carry.
    (d) As we become richer our wants become wider.

    After all these discussion, finally we are to remember that a clause must be identified not by what it is introduced but by what function it does in the sentence i.e. the sense of action/ performance must be acknowledged keenly.

    For example, let us consider a sentence: We punished the man who stole ornament. Here the sub-ordinate clause introduced by who is adverbial clause because it denotes the cause of his punishment. It is not performing as an adjective. Let us consider another sentence. Who comes here is unknown to me. Here the clause ‘who comes here’ introduced by who is a noun clause because it is the subject to the verb ‘is unknown’.

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