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  • Chapter 16. Conjunction


    16.1 Introduction

    In the second chapter we briefly introduced conjunction. It was defined as a word that connects some other words, phrases, or clauses taking both left and right or right only or left only. So conjunction bridges between words, phrases or clauses.

    Now take an example. Ram and Lakshman went to the forest. Here ‘and’ connects two proper nouns ‘Ram’ and ‘Laksman’. Observe another example. The man rang the bell and I opened the door. Here ‘and’ connects the two clauses/ sentences viz. ‘the man rang the bell’ and ‘I opened the door’. These clauses (for detail about clauses, chapter 11 is referred) are similar in character. Here ‘and’ in both the sentences co-ordinates two words and two clauses/ sentences. So ‘and’ is a co-ordinating conjunction.

    Again minutely observe the following sentences:
    (a) Though he is poor, he is honest.
    (b) As he was ill, he could not attend the meeting.
    In the above two sentences ‘though he is poor’ and ‘as he is ill’ both are sub-ordinate clauses. Both the clauses are connected with the principal clauses viz. ‘he is honest’ and ‘he could not attain the meeting’ respectively. These conjunctions joining the subordinate clauses with the principal clauses. This type of conjunctions are called as sub-ordinate conjunction, because they are introducing the principal clauses with the sub-ordinate clauses. From the above discussion it is clear that the conjunctions are primarily classified into two groups

    1. Co-ordinating conjunction

    2. Sub-ordinating conjunction

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