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  • Correction of Common Errors (Cont'd...)


    Calcutta University Matriculation Examination (CUME) 1935

    Incorrect: Are there any freeship vacant in your school?
    Correct:    Are there any free studentship available in your school?

    Incorrect: He talks English well.
    Correct:    He speaks English well.

    Incorrect: I knew he was coward.
    Correct:    I knew he was a coward.

    Incorrect: He was cowed down by the threat.
    Correct:    He was cowed at by the threat.

    Incorrect: Are you coming to live with me in the new boarding?
    Correct:    Are you coming to live with me in the new boarding house?

    Incorrect: This word is used both as noun as well as verb.
    Correct:    This word is used as both noun and verb.

    Incorrect: I cannot but praise him too high.
    Correct:    I cannot but praise him very highly.

    Calcutta University Matriculation Examination (CUME) 1936

    Incorrect: He was so coward that he never came back.
    Correct:    He was so cowardly that he never came back.

    Incorrect: I should be obliged if you will help me.
    Correct:    I shall be obliged if you help.

    Incorrect: A large number of seats have been occupied by scholars that have no backs.
    Correct:    A large number of seats that have no backs have been occupied by scholars.

    Incorrect: This book was already passed through five additions.
    Correct:    This book had already passed through five editions.

    Incorrect: What an innovation the king received.
    Correct:    What an ovation king received.

    Incorrect: Two negative destroyed one another.
    Correct:    Two negatives destroyed each other.

    Incorrect: He was often been resembled to a cabbage.
    Correct:    He was often been compared to a cabbage.

    Incorrect: One never can tell where he may have to live.
    Correct:    One can never tell where one may have to live.

    Incorrect: I did not see no one in the shop.
    Correct:    I did not see anyone in the shop.

    Incorrect: Jack said ``I don't hardly think it will rain."
    Correct:    Jack said ``I don't think it will rain."

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