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  • Correction
  • Simple Conjugate
  • Correction of Common Errors (Cont'd...)


    Calcutta University Matriculation Examination (CUME) 1937

    Incorrect: There are certain cut and dry rules for doing these.
    Correct:    There are certain cut and dried rules for doing these.

    Incorrect: Prof. A.N.Jack Esq, is a learned man.
    Correct:    Prof. A.N.Jack is a learned man.

    Incorrect: My fooding expanses are very heavy.
    Correct:    My food expanses are very heavy.

    Incorrect: He spoke in a contemptible tone.
    Correct:    He spoke in a contemptible tone (If the tone deserves contempt). If it shows contempt, it should be `contemptuous tone').

    Incorrect: There was a collision between their interests.
    Correct:    There was a clash of interest between them.

    Incorrect: He is always capable for doing hard work.
    Correct:    He is always capable of doing hard work.

    Incorrect: This is a most unique opportunity.
    Correct:    This is a unique opportunity.

    Incorrect: He emphatically told me that he will not be able to come.
    Correct:    He emphatically told me that he would not be able to come.

    Incorrect: These defects are parts and parcels of our character.
    Correct:    These defects are part and parcel of our character.

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