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  • Chapter 1. Letter, Word,Sentence (Cont'd...)

    letter word sentence

    1.4 Forms of the sentences (cont'd...)

    The form of this sentence stands as when + what + who+ finite verb + whom + what + how+ why. The answer of ‘how’ being the adverb, goes between the auxiliary and the main verb. However, the form of the sentence is not fixed. Sometimes it may change like: who + finite verb + whom + what + how + where + when + why. Whatever be the forms of a sentence, always remember that the generally adjective goes beside the noun it qualifies and adverb goes beside (precedes or follows) the parts of speech or phrase it quantifies.

    The pattern of the sentences changes with the type of the sentences. Here the different patterns for different sentences are shown.

    (a)Interrogative sentence: In this type of sentences, the verb like am/ is/ are/ was/ were/ may/ might/ can/ could/ shall/ will/ should/ would/ have/ has/ had/ must and when there is none of them, do/ does (in simple present tense) or did (in simple past tense) goes before the subject and main verb after the interrogation pronouns. Have a look on the following examples.
    What are your opinion about it?
    What are you doing here?
    Why have you come here?
    Have you anything?
    Do you have anything?
    Did he go there yesterday?
    May I come in sir?
    Will you arrive here tomorrow?
    Am I a fool?

    Verbs ‘to be’, ‘to have’, ‘to do’, can function both as a principal and as an auxiliary. Such as
    I did it.
    Did you do it?
    Have you a good pen?
    Have you done it skillfully?
    Is he intelligent?
    Is he working out the sum?

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