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  • Chapter 13. Narration (Cont'd...)


    13.2 Rules for narration change (cont'd...)

    Table 13.1 Rule of narration change

    Sentence Identification Reporting Verb Connective
    Assertive/statement Sub+verb+obj Say, tell, state, report,narrate, reply, answer etc. That
    Interrogative Marks of interrogation ask/enquire/want to know W/H when sentence begins with W/H, otherwise if/whether
    Imperative (expressing order, command, advice, request etc.) Begins with verb or begins with let When there is no ‘let’, accord. to sense use beg/command/ order/request/advise/ entreat etc. if let and it expresses proposal/ suggestion use propose/suggest To before verb in reported speech; don’t use not to
    Optative (expressing desire/blessing) Begins with ‘may’ wish/pray That
    Exclamatory (expressing emotion) Mark of exclamation (!) Exclaim/cry, omit exclamatory word, use with sorrow/ joy/ hatred/ repentance/ fear/ anger/ sorrowfully/ joyfully That

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