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  • Chapter 7. Number and Gender


    7.1 Number

    A common noun which relates to general name denotes either one or more at a time. When it denotes one person or thing it is called singular number. As cow, boy, tree, bird etc. But when it denotes more than one person or thing, it is called plural in number. As cows, boys, trees, birds etc.

    There are some rules to change singular noun to plural noun. Those rules can be summarized as follows.

    Table 7.1 Example of plural noun form by adding ā€˜sā€™

    Singular Plural Singular Plural
    ant ants knee knees
    apple apples knob knobs
    bird birds law laws
    bank banks leg legs
    coat coats meadow meadows
    chair chairs meal meals
    dream dreams nation nations
    doctor doctors numbers numbers
    dust dusts orange oranges
    egg eggs optician opticians
    fan fans packet packets
    figure figures plan plans
    garden gardens queen queens
    guest guests question questions

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