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  • Chapter 2. Parts of Speech

    parts of speech

    2.1 Introduction

    God is good. In this sentence there are three words. Each of them is called part of speech. When a word takes a place in a sentence, it is called part of speech in grammar. Parts of speech are of eight kind. 1. Noun 2. Pronoun 3. Adjective 4. Verb 5. Adverb 6. Preposition 7. Conjunction 8. Interjection. Now let us see what are their features.

          	Noun is the leader of the part,
            The name of concrete and abstract.
            Pronoun is the substitute of them,
            Adjective adds some meaning to them.
            When verbs denote their action.
            Adverb modifies them or itself
            Preposition brings relation to their best.
            Conjunction connects the same part
            with the other,
            Injection bursts out the emotion
            of sorrow, fear, laughter, and wonder or anger.

    Now we may specifically define the parts of speech.

    2.2 Noun

    It is a naming word. These words are used for naming any person or thing visible or invisible that take shape in mind only. Now we may say that whatever we see, we give a name to them and whatever idea we think of or feel in mind we offer them a name. All these names are noun. As for example Ram, Rani, Sita, lion, iron, gold, beauty, truth, health, are all noun.

    Noun is preliminary classified into two groups viz. 1. concrete 2. abstract. Concrete noun is the name of person or anything that has a shape and occupies a place. We may say that all visible objects are named in different ways. So whatever we see falls in this class. For example John, Kalidas, India, Bengal, dog, tiger, bird etc. Abstract noun is the name of idea that has a shape or a sense in mind. For example kindness, honest, beauty, friendship, reading etc. Concrete nouns are classified into four classes.

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