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  • Chapter 2. Parts of Speech (Cont'd...)

    parts of speech

    2.9 Interjection

    Interjection expresses emotions that may be of joy, sorrow, wonder, etc. Consider the sentence: Alas! he is ruined. The word ‘Alas’ is expressing sorrow of mind.

    However according to Nesfield, “an interjection, properly speaking is not a part of speech, since it has no grammatical connection with any other word or words in the sentence. It is merely an exclamatory sound, thrown into a sentence to denote the strong feelings or emotion. It lies on the borderland of the language half way between articulate speech or inarticulate cries of animals.” Here we listed some interjections in the Table 2.1.

    Table 2.1 Examples of exclamatory words

    Expression Exclamatory word
    grief/ sorrow oh! alas! alack! ah!
    amusement ha!ha!
    attention hark! hush! lo! hard! hist!
    applause/approve bravo! hear hear!
    contempt/ disgust/ ridicule stuff! bosh! tut-tut! pooh! pshaw!tush!
    reproof fie-fie!
    to call someone Hum! hem! hump! ho! holla!
    surprise hash! strange!

    Word of caution

    We are to always remember that almost every word can change their colour when they are put in the line of a sentence. Such as , The boy is reading a book. In this sentence ‘book’ is noun as it is the name of the thing (concrete) i.e. that has a shape and occupies some place. But in the sentence please book a ticket for Bombay, ‘book’ is the verb denoting action. We may present so many examples.
    He went on. ‘On’ is adverb.
    Sit on the bench. ‘On’ is preposition.
    Sit down please. ‘Down’ is adverb.
    The boats goes down the river. Here ‘down’ is preposition.
    I am happy. Here `I' is pronoun
    I is a letter. Here `I' is noun because it is name of first letter in the alphabet.

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