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  • Chapter 8. Person and Case

    8.1 Person

    Persons are of three types viz. First person, Second person, Third person.

    First person denotes the person speaking, as I, we, me, my, mine, myself, our, ours, ourselves.

    Second person denotes the person speaking to i.e. the person present before the first person, viz. you, your, your, yourself, yourselves.

    Third person denotes the person speaking of i.e. the person not present before the two, viz. he, she, him, his, her, it, they, their, hers, its, it self, himself, herself, them, themselves. The Table 8.1 list the persons.

    Table 8.1 List of persons

    Singular Plural
    First Person I (me) we (us)
    Second Person you you
    Third Person He, she, it (him/her) they (them)

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