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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    You must take up a pen and take down (write) that children generally take after (resemble) their parents and no body can take back (withdraw) such word. It is also a fact that the fish-sellers generally try to take in (cheat) the buyers and they have generally taken to (habituated) themselves to such malpractices. When we were in such conversation a boy took off (removed) his coat and took off (mimic) a lame man whom we took for (regard) as a doctor who had taken over (take control of) the charge of running our near by hospital and he soon took in (visited) the hospital also.


    Please tell me about the investigation where the superintendent told off (appoint) six police men to watch the circumstances. A new fact tells against (goes against) the accused person whose health has been told upon (affected) due to over cross examination.


    When a beggar was turned back (driven out) from the door and his prayer for alms was turned down (rejected), I turned away (avert) my eyes for this sight turned out (produced) ache in my heart as I had nothing in my pocket to give away him at that moment. A little after some students turned up (appeared) and turned out (assemble) to help him. I saw among them a boy who was turned out (expelled) for misconduct the other day. When I turned in (entered) my room at night I though that sometimes when we turn to (pray) God, he helps us and can turn back (return/cause to) any force. In the house the little boy sometimes turn on (start flow) water or light or music or a person who is hostile to him.


    To work out (exhaust) the mine is easy, but to work out (solve) this sum is not so easy. While the fiery speech of Antony worked up (excited) the mob, brutes' speech failed to work upon (influenced) their feelings. The carpenter has been working to work at (build) the chair till sunset.

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