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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    The hospital brings out (release) the report that the baby who was being brought up (reared) by his aunt has been brought to (got senses) and will be brought round (come round/healed) by the proper treatment for the disease has been brought under (sub-diced) as medicine has brought forth (resulted) good result but the cost of treatment will not be brought down (lessened). It also says that the ill feeding has brought on (caused) his disease which might bright about (cause) his total ruin.


    Seeing the tiger burst forth (issued suddenly) from the cowshed, the boy burst out (suddenly began) weeping but the people burst upon (came suddenly) the tiger with cudgel and rods. The mother burst into tears (cried vehemently) at the sight of her son’s weeping.


    I can well call up (remember) that being called in (sent for) by my teacher I called on/upon (visited) him at his house. Then the teacher who calls forth (illicit/ draw forth) everybody, called to (addressed loudly) me from the window of the office room and called for (demand) an explanation why I made a noise that called off (drew away) his attention while he was calling over (call by rolls) the rolls. When I realised why I was called upon (ordered) to explain my conduct, I was ashamed of.


    While I carry on my study of medicine, I carry out (execute ) the orders of my teacher and it carries me through (overcomes) the difficulties. But I see that presently cancer carries off (cause death) many lives and it was, in most cases due to carrying about (retain) the habit of chewing Panmasala and Godkha. A bill against such habit or product of such goods should be carried through (passed) the parliament, so that the young should not be carried away (drawn away) by the current of such harmful habit of smoking and chewing.

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