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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    When the lawyer drew up (drafted) the brief inclusion of more points drew out (prolonged) at great length. The assistance drew up (composed) the enclosures. The client then drew away (diverted) his attention by saying that he was leaving to draw on (approach) the bank for cash for his payment time was drawing back (receding) and the promise contract could also not be drawn out of (withdrawn from). At that time his aching tooth remind him that it should be drawn out (removed) by the dentist.


    Being done up (tired) with the journey, he does off (put off) his coat and shoes and don (does on/ put on) his T shirt and begins to do up (arrange) this room but can not find to do with (use) his broom to sweep the dust. Then the napkin does for the broom. When the natives are done for (ruined) they try to do away with (get rid of) the foreign rule.


    On my way to Madras, I fell in with (meet) my friend Umesh, who had fallen away (become lean) for his prolonged illness. At that time all so called his friends had fallen away (dropped off) in his misfortune. But I could not fall back (recede) from him. Of course when he accused them they fell back upon (had resources to) a new line of defense. In time of our conversation, I came to know that the total charge of his family fell on (dropped on) him after his father's death and their brothers began to fall out (quarreled) over their father's property and so his scheme to start a new business had fallen through (failed) for want of funds. In the mean time, the cook served the meal and we fell to (began eagerly) eating and found that the quality of the meal had fallen off (decreased). Though the cook could not fall in with (agree) our views.

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