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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    I generally get up (rise) at five to get up (prepare) my lessons carefully with well get up (arranged) books to get through (succeed in) the examination, though I have not yet got through (recovered from) completely from illness. My examinations will get through (finish) within fortnight. After the examination, student's agitation will be got up (stirred up) against the soaring prices of essential commodities. This plan of agitation will soon got absorbed (spread).

    Though the fox got (applied) beyond his strength, it could not get at the grapes. So he is getting about (come out) his den fell through. This news got about (spread) in the forest.

    Getting away (fleeing) from the jail prisoner got into (attained to a position) a running carriage and after a few minutes he got off (jumped out of/came down) from it unharmed and ran into the forest. At night he got out (came out) of the jungle but could not got on (advanced/ lived pleasantly together) the public. How would he get along (proceed) at the public place?


    The king of Panchal gave away (offered) his daughter Draupadi to Arjun. When Arjun was given out (declared) winner in the Archiest competition. But Draupadi could not give up (leave) her envious habit as Palas flower can never give off (emit) a sweet smell. Even then he could not give over (hand over) a small part of land in the kingdom to the Pandavas and never gave in (yielded) till death. If he could give away/off (transfer) it the war Kurukshetra could be never come about.

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