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  • Chapter 15. Preposition (Cont'd...)


    15.8 Same word with different preposition (cont'd...)

    Concur with a person in his decision on a point.
    Condole with person on his loss.
    Confer a prize on the boy.
    Consult with someone about prayer.
    Consequent on, in consequent of
    Consideration for, in consideration of
    Conspicuous for memory by absence.
    Deal in good with a person/subject by/with a person (write/talk).
    Deal out equal justice.
    Decide upon action for/or against him.
    Deaf of/an ear in one ear, to (not listing to) entreaty.
    Delight in books, delighted at/with the result with things.
    Die of a disease by violence/ weapon from a cause for something.
    This picture differs from that in color.
    You perhaps differ with me on this point.
    differ in opinion about remark.
    Disappointed at one’s failure of the prize (did not get); in prize (receive but not satisfied) with someone.
    Disgusted with/by/at his conduct with someone.
    Dislike to/for/of the person.
    Displeased with a person at/by one’s conduct.
    Dispute with a person about/on matter.
    Disqualified for a post, from competing.
    Distinguished from someone by something between the two.
    Divide into part between the two among more than two.
    Dwell in a place upon a subject (discuss).
    Eager for/after fame about the result.
    Engage with person in/on some work to someone.
    Enraged with you for speaking against me. The bear is enraged at his keeper.
    Enter into also without into the room upon a career for.
    Entertained by a person with music at a party.

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