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  • Chapter 14. Punctuation (Cont'd...)


    14.7 Use of capital letter

    1. At the beginning of a sentence. There is a house beside the road.
    2. At the beginning of the reported speech. Ram said, “Honesty is the best policy”.
    3. At the beginning of all proper nouns and proper adjectives where in they are placed.
      We went to London.
      Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian language.
    4. At the beginning of every line of poetry.
      “Music, when soft voices die,
      Vibrates in the memory
      Odors, when sweet violets sicken
      Live within the sense thy quicken”.
    5. For personified objects. “O Cuckoo! shall I call the bird, or but a wandering voice?”
    6. At the beginning of all nouns and pronouns referring to God. O God! it is You Who made us.
    7. To write the pronoun ‘I’ and interjection ‘O’.
    8. Often in forms of address in letters. My dear Mother, Dear Sir, Dear Friend.

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