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  • Chapter 18. Transformation of Sentences


    18.1 Introduction

    By transformation, here we mean change of form. Transformation of sentences means to say changing of forms of sentences without changing their meaning. Keeping the meaning same a sentence in active voice can be changed to a sentence in passive voice and vice versa. A sentence in direct speech can be changed into indirect speech and vice verse. Similarly a simple sentence can be converted to compound or complex sentence, a affirmative sentence could be expressed in negative form and vice versa. In this chapter, we exclude the discussion on change of voice and speech as two separate chapters were devoted earlier for them.

    18.2 Interchange of degrees of comparison

    It is possible to change the degree of comparison without changing the sense of a sentence. A sentence can be constructed in positive, comparative and superlative form.

    (i) If comparison is made between two or two groups, to write a sentence in positive degree you should use the as good as followed by subject. In comparative sentence, the same meaning could be expressed with the composition of subject + verb+not +adj than +first subject. Please observe the following sentences:
    Positive: Ram is as good as Shyam.
    Comparative: Shyam is not better than Ram.

    Positive: A seemingly invincible material power is not as strong as a will governed by firm conviction.
    Comparative: A will governed by firm conviction is stronger than a seemingly invincible material power.

    Positive: To commit ordinary murder is a whit as good as to kill war.
    Comparative: To kill war is not a whit better than to commit ordinary murder.

    Positive: He is not as clever as the younger brother.
    Comparative: The younger brother is cleverer than he.

    Positive: Poverty is not as terrible enemy as bad health.
    Comparative: Bad health is a more terrible enemy than poverty.

    Positive: Platinum is as heavy as gold.
    Comparative: Gold is not heavier than platinum.

    Positive: Some countries are at least as hot as India.
    comparative: Some countries are not less hot than India.

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