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  • Chapter 18. Transformation of Sentences (Cont'd...)

    18.2 Interchange of degrees of comparison (cont'd...)

    (ii) When comparison is made among more than two or many, to convert a sentence from superlative to positive degree, follow the following rule: no other (any other) + noun after superlative + related words + verb+ (not) + as + adj (positive) + as + 1st subject.

    To convert superlative to comparative, construction of the sentences should be: subject (as it is) + verb (as it is) + adj (comp) + than any other/all other + noun singular/plural (after adj) + related words.

    Superlative: Ram is the best boy in the class.
    Positive: No other (any other) boy in the class is (not) as good as Ram.
    Comparative: Ram is better than any other boy/ all other boys in the class.

    Superlative: Misery is the greatest mystery of all.
    Comparative: Misery is greater than any other mystery/ all other mystery.
    Positive: No other mystery is as great as misery.
    Positive: There is no other mystery as great as misery.
    Alternatively: Any other mystery is not as great as misery.

    Superlative: Iron is the most useful of all metals.
    Comparative: Iron is more useful than any other metal/ all other metals.
    Positive: No other (any other) metal is (not) as useful as iron.

    (iii) To convert a superlative sentence to positive and comparative sentence if you encounter the word one of in superlative sentence, please follow the following rule. To convert in positive degree, put very few + noun(plural) after adj. + related words + verb (plural) + as adj. (positive) as + first subject.

    To convert superlative degree to comparative degree, follow the following rule. Subject (as it is) + verb (as it is) + adj (comp.) than most other + noun (plural) + related words.
    Superlative: Rabindranath is one of the greatest poet of the world.
    Positive: Very few poets of the world are as great a Rabindranath.
    Comparative: Rabindranath is greater than most of the poets of the world.

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