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  • Chapter 18. Transformation of Sentences (Cont'd...)


    18.5 Interchange of exclamatory and assertive sentences

    Generally in an exclamatory sentence, a part of predicate goes before the subject. That part of the predicate will come after subject and exclamatory word will be replaced with particular adverb or adverbial phrase expressing the emotion. Examples are as follows:
    Exclamatory: O, what a fall was there my countrymen
    Assertive: There was a terrible fall, my countrymen. or, That was a terrible fall, my countrymen.

    Exclamatory: O, what a misery awaits a wasted youth.
    Assertive: A great misery awaits a wasted youth.

    Exclamatory: How beautiful is night!
    Assertive: Night is very beautiful.

    Exclamatory: Hurrah! my father is come.
    Assertive: I rejoice that my father is come.

    Exclamatory: Excel. how nice!
    Assertive: It is very nice.

    Exclamatory: How beautiful to look at!
    Assertive: It is very beautiful to look at.

    Exclamatory: How have the mighty fallen!
    Assertive: The mighty have fallen low.

    Exclamatory: Had I the wings of a dove.
    Assertive: I wish I had the wings of a dove.

    Exclamatory: Death before dishonour.
    Assertive: I wish death before dishonour.

    Exclamatory: Good morning, Mr. Sen!
    Assertive: I wish Mr. Sen good morning.

    Exclamatory: How base of him to desert you in your time need!
    Assertive: It was extremely base of him to desert you in your time of need.

    Exclamatory: How upset you seem to be!
    Assertive: You seem to be much upset.

    Exclamatory: O, that the desert were my dwelling place!
    Assertive: I wish that desert were were my dwelling place

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