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Memory of water



The concept of 'memory of water' explains the properties of an aqueous preparation to hold the previous history of the sample. First, in the late 1980s, France's most respected biologists, Jacques Benveniste showed that solutes, subjected to sequential physical processing and dilution, demonstrate biological effects different from those apparent using just the water employed for the dilutions. The 'memory of water' holds within its brevity of phrase the concept that much diluted solutions appear to behave as though they contain absent solutes that had once been present. Although some scientists try to correlate this property of water to explain the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicine but this association may mislead the explanation of the 'memory' [1]. However the work about 'memory of water' was first done to reveal the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicine. The objective of our review is to find out the evidence of 'memory of water' and to find out the application of this theory in pharmaceutical field.


The concept 'memory of water' war first reveled by Jacques Benveniste 20 years back and still it is controversial topic among scientists. Few of them reported that they have proven the basis of the theory and others find the anti evidence of the theory [2]. Benveniste suggested that the specific effects of biologically active molecules such as adrenalin, nicotine and caffeine, and the immunological signatures of viruses and bacteria, can be recorded and digitized using a computer sound-card. A keystroke later, and these signals can be winging their way across the globe, courtesy of the Internet. Biological systems far away from their activating molecules can then be triggered simply by playing back the recordings.


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